MATIS is a public commercial food research company founded in Iceland in 2007, following the merger of three public food research institutes. The role of MATIS is to engage in food research, innovation and safety to increase the value of food through research, development, dissemination of knowledge and consultancy. MATIS specialized fields include fisheries research, fisheries management, traceability, markets, processing technology, environmental research, quality and safety of aquatic and marine catches, chemical and physical properties of food and feed, genetics, aquaculture, biotechnology, microbiological & chemical and consulting.

MATIS has state of the art facilities at its laboratories performing cutting edge research in close collaboration with various Universities, Institutes and Industry in Iceland and throughout the world.

MATIS has coordinated and participated in numerous national, Nordic and EU funded projects.

MATIS has extensive expertise in the field of food science and food safety, particularly in regards to seafood. It has also considerable experience and competences in regards to knowledge transfer and education in these fields.

MATIS has carried out training activities for different sectors involved in the fishing sector, from producers, through transporters to the commercial sector.

Faculty of food science of Island University is located on MATIS. Furthermore, MATIS has an enlarge experience on edition and publication of training materials, highlighting those its seafood process and manipulation or its nutritional properties. Some of these documents have been developed through e-learning format.


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