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Associação Nacional de Comerciantes e Industriais de Produtos Alimentares

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ANCIPA is the National Association of Traders and Processors of food. ACIPA was born in 1939 as National Guild of sweet or candy industries. After 1974 the Guild was converted in Association and was joined with other sectors.

Nowadays ANCIPA represents 10 sectors:

  • Sweets or candies
  • Bakery
  • Pastry shop
  • Pastry and bakery ingredients
  • Processed vegetables
  • Sauces, spices and dressings
  • Snacks
  • Salt
  • Fresh and frozen fish products
  • Meat products

ANCIPA joins up more than 400 companies. The main sectors are fresh and frozen fish products and sweets or candies.

In the last years ANCIPA has carried out a hard work to promote competitiveness between its companies, fostering and developing projects to achieve a closer work with Public Institutions and to implement new standards and regulations.

As partner of General Employment and Labour Relations Management, ANCIPA has been certificated on ISO 9001: 2008, related with training systems because of ANCIPA decided to boost its members for a continuous improvement.

Furthermore, ANCIPA provides information about new opportunities of trades and new markets. Also, ANCIPA organizes seminars as well as training sessions in national and international events.

The main keys to achieve its goals are alliances and protocols. For this reason, ANCIPA participates in national and international projects as partners, with the purpose of these training systems and new technologies will be implemented in the routine of retailers.

ANCIPA main partners at national level are:

  • ALIF: Industry Association of Frozen Products
  • ACOPE: National Association of Fish Traders
  • FIPA: Portuguese Federation of Feed Industries
  • AEP: Portuguese Companies Association

The main partners at international level are:

  • FEDIMA: Europe Federation of Union of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Bakery, Sweets and Pastry ingredients
  • ALIF with AIPCE- CEP- AIPCE EU Association of fish converters. CEP represents the National Federation of Fish Importer and Exporter Organizationsn of ters. l level are:
  • mplemented in daily schedule of minorists. l events.
  • cided to improve  in the EU.
  • FEDIMA and FIPA are members of FDE (Food and Drinks of Europe)


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