The Organizations involved in this Project are: 

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FEDEPESCA (e-fishNet coordinator) is a National Federation that joins up the different Provincial Associations of Fish Retailers over Spanish territory. A total of 7.200 shops of fish retailers based in Spain are represented by FEDEPESCA and their Provincial Associations.

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Sectorial Associations have a closer vision of the sector and its weaknesses and difficulties. Thus ANCIPA has been selected as a partner of the project. ANCIPA is a Sectorial Organization of Portuguese fish retailer sector. 

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In addition to this sectorial vision, this Project has included Ankara University as an experienced partner on training activities. Professors of fishery and aquaculture department of Facultad de Agroalimentción will participate in the Project. Ankara University professors have an extensive knowledge of this sector and have relation with Organizations closed to Turkish fish retailer sector.

logoFrom England Billingsgate Seafood School participates as expertise on fish retailer training.

With the purpose of meeting the necessary requirements in the subsequent inclusion in labour market, Employment Agency of Madrid participates in the Project to provide useful information and counseling.


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This Project required an innovative and adapted training strategy based on current requirements, through educational materials and an attractive and interactive layout pretending to set a precedent on fish retailer training. With the aim of meeting these requirements ARIEMA participates in the Project as Spanish consulting company with an enlarge experience on content digitalization and it has been recognised as “PYME innovadora” by Economy and Competitiveness Ministry. Furthermore, Matís participates in the Project because it is an expertise Icelandic company on fishery and market researching and it has an extensive experience on innovation and knowledge transferred.

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Due to the difficulties around professional certificates in Spain as a consequence of the absence of able facilities to implement certificated training programs, Mercamadrid participates in e-fishNet Project because it is proving new facilities to implement “Escuela de Frescos”school. This school will be able to develop a professional certificate in Spain and it will be a model for other entities for future training programs. 



Furthermore, EATIP (European technological Platform of Aquaculture) participates in the Project. This Platform will provide a great value for dissemination and characterisation of fish retailer sector. Besides, it will be involved in monitoring tasks due to its knowledge of current European projects, and the purpose of minimizing duplicities and optimizing resources.