e-FishNet project second monitoring Meeting

London, UK 2-3/11/2017.



  • Billingsgate Seafood School was the host organization for the 3rd Meeting that took place the 2nd and 3rd November.
  • One of the main issues was the work related to the second intellectual output (e-learning Platform)
  • Other subjects addressed were the e-learning platform format, the project’s diffusion and specially the First Intellectual Output, that is expected to be published imminently.

The third Meeting of the e-FishNet Project took place on 2nd and 3rd November in London. This project is part of the Erasmus + Program and is co-funded by the European Union. On this occasion, Billingsgate Seafood School was the host organization, they are also part of the Project’s Consortium.
Representatives from other organizations taking part in the Project who attended this meeting were Matís (Iceland), Ankara University (Turkey), ANCIPA, representing the Portuguese Traders and Food Industries, ARIEMA, EATIP (European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform), and FEDEPESCA representing the Spanish Fish Retailer Sector, as the Coordinator.
During this Meeting work focused on the second Intellectual Output. This will be an e-learning platform addressed to European fishmongers. Work related to this platform started in the Second Meeting of the Project in Reykjavik, nevertheless during this meeting, the contents and the platform design were one of the main points.

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On 2nd November, partners presented training course proposals which had been identified as necessary in the ideal training model defined for fishmongers. For instance, Ankara University presented training courses related to aquaculture and animal welfare. ANCIPA presented courses related to Food Safety and Billingsgate Seafood School presented courses related to species identification and customer service. Finishing this section, Matís presented courses related to sustainability, traceability and fishing gears, and FEDEPESCA presented courses touching on different training areas such as Traceability and Labelling, Social Media and Fish Parasites.
After the proposed training courses, some of which were designed for a face to face format, there was discussion about what contents to include in the platform. These contents have been previously identified as relevant for the fishmonger’s collective.
During this debate, training courses that should be included in the e-learning platform were defined. In detail, one training course per module defined in Reykjavik was the quantity agreed for further development.
Other issue tackled during this first day, was the draft agenda of the Multiplier Event, which celebration is expected to take place during June 2018 in Madrid. Contents to be included in this event were discussed which is expected to be a high profile and key event in relation to fishmonger’s training.

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During day 2 the main issue was the learning activity scheduled for March 2018 in Madrid. Contents to be presented and the formats were one of the main points addressed during this second day.
Also diffusion results were another point highlighted. Progress made in this area and future challenges were presented. The first Intellectual Output was one of the main points. It is expected to be presented in late November 2017.
In conclusion during this third meeting the attendants continued with work related to the second Intellectual Output, delegates agreed that it is extremely useful to share knowledge and the opinions of the different organizations taking part in this project.

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e- FishNet is a project included in the Erasmus + Program and co-funded by the European Union. This Project started in September 2016 and will finish in September 2018, with a total period of 24 months. The consortium is composed of 9 Organizations from Iceland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain and also we count on one organization with European scope. FEDEPESCA is the coordinator of this project, which aims to analyze different training schemes in fishmonger’s training in the member countries, create an international collaborative network and also develop an e-learning platform with e-learning content.

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